SHA256 Encrypt/Decrypt

SHA256 Encrypt/Decrypt

Be careful, enabling following options may increase decryption time significantly!
Check all combinations for character sets;
Max length of text to be decrypted: 8
    SHA256 is a hashing algorithm. There is no direct method for SHA256 decryption. SHA256 is decrypted by using Trial & Error methodology. It may take some time if either the text that will be decrypted or the character set that will be used for decryption is long.
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    What is Online SHA256 Encrypt/Decrypt?

    SHA256 Encrypt/Decrypt is a free online tool for generating SHA256 hashes from strings and decrypting SHA256 hashes to strings. In other words, this tool is a combination of SHA256 hash generator and SHA256 decrypter. SHA256 is a hashing function that creates a unique 256-bit hash with 64 characters long for every string. SHA256 or (SHA-256) stands for "Secure Hash Algorithm 256-bit" and it is found by National Security Agency (NSA) in the USA. SHA256 is one of the most popular hashing/encrypting function, especially after reveal of MD5 vulnurabilities. It offers a more secure solution and stronger for collusion attacks.

    As all hashing functions, SHA256 function has a one-way execution model and it is irreversible. Decrypting SHA256 is not possible directly by using a simple function. There are several approaches to decrypt SHA256. If the encrypted text is long, it is very hard and time consuming operation to decrypt/crack SHA256 hashes, even it is impossible if it is long enough. But, in general, people use SHA256 to decrypt passwords and emails which are mostly ~6-12 characters long. If you have a password or email that is hashed with SHA256, you may decrypt it by using these methods;

    • Use a predefined list or database: This method is also called a "dictionary attack". If you want to decrypt a password and the one you try to decrypt is a common one, it can be decrypted by using a common password list. There are a lot of lists on internet and one of these list can be used to detect if SHA256 hash you want to crack is equal to SHA256 hash of a password from this list.
    • Iterate all possible combinations: This method is called "brute force" which relies on trial and error. This is a more time consuming process but if you have data about possible characters and maximum length of the text that you want to decrypt, you can narrow down the combinations and crack SHA256 by iterating all possible combinations.

    Here is a representation of how SHA256 encoder decoder works; there are two different strings with different character lenghts, both produces unique SHA256 hashes with 64 characters long.

    SHA256 Encrypt and Decrypt
    SHA256 Encrypt and Decrypt

    If you use common password list for decryption of your SHA256 hash, it doesn't take much time. But, be careful, if you use character sets and combinations, it make take minutes to hours do decrypt a hash and it uses sources of your computer significantly for computation/iteration.

    How to use Online SHA256 Encrypt/Decrypt?

    You can encode or decode your text by following these steps.

    1. For generating SHA256 hash, just paste your text into input field and click "Encrypt".
    2. There are 2 steps for SHA256 decryption. First, use common password list. It gives fast results if you try to decrypt a common password. If it does not work, try adding character sets for trying combinations for cracking SHA256 hash.