What is Online HTML Encoder/Decoder?

HTML Encoder/Decoder is a free online tool for encoding and decoding HTML entities. If you want to store or use HTML entities and don't want to get in trouble in any way, you should encode them. In HTML encode, <, >, ", ', &, ` and unprintable ASCII characters are converted into character codes.

How characters encoded and decoded in HTML entities
How characters encoded and decoded in HTML entities

As shown in the table, characters converted into character codes for escaping. It prevents the text or string to process as an HTML entity. For example, if you have a div with text in it. This HTML will be encoded like this.

Raw HTML: <div>Text</div>

Encoded: &#x3C;div&#x3E;Text&#x3C;/div&#x3E;

How to use Online HTML Encoder/Decoder?

You can encode and decode HTML entities by following these steps.

  1. Enter the text you want to encode or decode.
  2. Click the buttons "Encode" or "Decode" to convert your HTML entity or Encoded string.
  3. You can copy the encoded or decoded text by manually or by using the "Copy" button. If you want to reset all inputs and outputs and start from scratch, use "Reset" button.