What is Online Base64 Encoder/Decoder?

Base64 Encoder/Decoder is a free online tool for encoding string to Base64 or decoding Base64 to string. Base64 is a binary-to-text encoding scheme. You can store data as string with Base64. It's very popular in developer community since you can store data of an image (JPG, PNG or even SVG) as string with Base64. Base64 is also popular since it includes very common 64 characters which are supported almost everywhere. These 64 characters are [A-Z], [a-z], [0-9], "+", "/" and "=". Each Base64 character represents 6-bit binary data. All combinations of 1's and 0's in 6-digit is 2^6 which is 64. There is a character for each combination.

Base64 Index Table
Base64 Index Table

How to use Online Base64 Encoder/Decoder?

You can encode or decode your text by following these steps.

  1. First, paste your string in the input field. It may be standard text or Base64.
  2. There are 2 buttons for conversion. One is "Encode" and other is "Decode". If you have a standard text and you want to convert it to Base64, click "Encode" button. If you have a string in Base64 format and want to convert it to standard text, click decode button.
  3. If you paste an encoded Base64 data and you want to decode it, you may take a warning if the data is somehow malformed or having missing parts.
  4. You can select the output directly from "Output" area or use "Copy" button to copy the output into your clipboard.