Total CSS Loader Count: 264
Rounded Head Comet
Material UI
Counter Arcs
Circular Tube
Dot Ring
Half Ring
Scaling Dot Ring
Circular Bar
Circular Square
Mexican Wave
Double Arc
Quadruple Arc
Dot in a Tube
Dot in Infinite Path
Arcs in Infinite Path
Nested Arc
Double Dot
Meet up
Pan-out Circle
Follow The Leader - Circle
Follow The Leader - Line
Spinning Coin
Spinning Coin Fall
Pie Chart
Fat Plus
Bar Spin
Box Spin
Rotating Gear
Arrow Head
Solitaire Ring
Ring of Stars

What is Online CSS Loader Generator?

CSS Loader Generator is a free online tool for generating CSS loaders. This tool is one of the best CSS loader animation generators in the web that consists hundreds of loaders and spinners. It also works as CSS spinner generator and CSS loading animation generator. CSS loaders are used to indicate users that a page, section, or element is not ready yet and there is a process in progress behind like data fetching or any other operation that takes some time. For better UX (user experience), it is advised to show CSS loading animations to users in such cases to prevent confusion whether a page or component works properly or not.

There are hundreds of CSS loaders from various categories such as CSS spinners, CSS progress loaders, dot, bar, shape, and colorful loaders, blobs, pulses, flipping and hypnotic loaders and many more. There are more than 250 CSS loading animations in total. All of them are customizable and no JavaScript is needed for making them work, in other words they are created with pure CSS. Sometimes, JS code may be used to animate, but it is better to use CSS-only loaders for better performance. You can customize the color, size, and speed of them just by selecting the option from a list. There is no need to know how to edit CSS code for customizing them at all.

Here you can see different types in the image below. Any shape from simple (like dot, bar, triangle, square, circle, line and so on) to complex (like wave, hearth, battery, watch and so on) can be used as a CSS loader if you are advanced enough to code it. Even their shapes and themes are different from each other, their purpose is the same.

Different Types of Loaders and Spinners
Different Types of Loaders and Spinners

Here are some shapes that you can find in the tool.

  • Geometric shapes: square, circle, triangle, dot, line, bar, arc, donut, arrow and so on.
  • Signs and symbols: hypnotic circle, signal sign, pie chart, bubbles, pills etc.
  • Real life objects: hearth, battery, watch, wave, hourglass, stopwatch, pendulum, star, coins etc.

For people who are using design systems like Material UI and like the animation of this UI library, you can create your own CSS-only Material UI loader by using the one named "Material UI Spinner" that is listed under spinners category.

You can use these loaders for different purposes. For example, if you send an AJAX request or REST API request to an endpoint for fetching a list of items, you can use a CSS loader to show a loading animation to the user while the request is being processed. You can also use to show a loading animation while a user is submitting a form, or you make an async validation for this form. You can directly use them inside the page or even inside a component like button. To sum up, when a user will spend his time one page for waiting something and you want to indicate that something is being processed, you can use them to make this time more enjoyable.

While creating all these animations, different types of transitions are used such as translating, rotating, scaling, fading in and fading out by changing opacity, changing background color, flipping, cloning etc. These transitions are very useful for making the animations more interesting and more engaging and improve user experience while they are spending their time on the page or web application.

As a note, some of them may not work properly in some old browsers because of incompatibility with CSS properties, because up-to-date CSS properties are used in the background colors, gradients, masks, clip paths and similar properties. But they will work on modern browsers for sure. All spinning and loading animations works as it should be in the latest version of Google Chrome and Chromium browsers. If you are concerned about browser compatibility, cross check the animations in Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Opera browsers as well. For checking compatibility, you can use caniuse.com or similar services. Also, there may be pixel rendering issues in some browsers because of scaling and resizing.

How to use Online CSS Loader Generator?

For creating CSS loaders, you can use the following steps:

  1. Select the desired category from the list. If you are not sure which one to choose, you can explore them one by one.
  2. If you like the shape and the animation of any loader / spinner, just hover the card. There are 2 buttons you may select. One is for customizing and one is for getting the code. If you are okay with the shape, size, color, and speed of the it, you can just click the "Get CSS Code" button. If you want to customize them, you can click the "Customize" button.
  3. In customize section, you can set colors, size, and speed. After finishing the customization, you can click the "Get CSS Code" tab to get the code. In the code, HTML element and CSS styles are together just like a single HTML file. If you use separate CSS stylesheet, you can cut the CSS code between style tags and transfer that part to your stylesheet.


  • CSS Collection created by Temani Afif is used as reference for many loaders. This tool makes them dynamic and customizable in terms of color, size, and animation speed.
  • Some animations from open source CSS loading animation curation Whirl created by Jhey Tompkins is used.