Upload a SVG image to get the PNG file
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    What is Online SVG to PNG Converter?

    SVG to PNG Converter is a free online tool converting SVG images to PNG format. SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics and it's a vectoral image type which means you can scale up or down an SVG image without losing any quality. If you want to obtain sharp and quality designs, SVG files are a good way to reach your goal. Also, SVG images have lower file sizes since they are text based.

    Although SVG images are widely used for their advantages, sometimes you cannot use SVG files in some cases. For example, SVG images are not usable natively in mobile applications. Therefore, you need to convert SVG images into compatible formats to use them. Best solution is to convert SVG files into PNG, since it supports transparency.

    Here is an image in PNG format that shows how SVG vectors work.

    An image showing how SVG works in PNG format
    An image showing how SVG works in PNG format

    How to use Online SVG to PNG Converter?

    You can convert an SVG image into PNG format by following these steps.

    1. Upload the SVG image you want to convert into PNG from file upload area either by dropping or browsing.
    2. SVG image will be converted to PNG right after the upload is finished.
    3. Its size will be as same as the default SVG size. You can scale up or down the PNG without losing quality by setting the scale factor and click "Apply".
    4. You can download the converted PNG image by using "Download".