Upload an image before starting to find average color

What is Online Image Average Color Finder?

Image Average Color Finder is a free online tool for finding average color in an image by interpolating all colors in an image. You can use this color as background color, gradient, border, box shadow or for any other purpose. There are 3 different algorithms you can select for finding the average color of an image. These are listed below.

  • Simple: As the name suggests, it processes all color units one by one, accumulates all reds, greens, blues, and alphas, divides them by the number of units and makes a simple interpolation for finding image's average color.
  • Square Root: Only difference between simple and square root algorithm is square root algorithm takes square root of the accumulated colors.
  • Dominant: It tends to find not average but the most used and dominant color in an image.

Here you can see usage of image average color as background.

Usage of Image Average Color as Background
Usage of Image Average Color as Background

How to use Online Image Average Color Finder?

You can find average color of an image by following these steps.

  1. First, drag your image into image upload zone or manually choose from your file system by clicking the upload box.
  2. It will be processes within seconds and calculated color as an average color will be showed right below the image you upload.
  3. The color will be shown in HEX and RGBA format. It will also show whether it is a dark or light color.
  4. You can copy the color code of the average color of the image in HEX or RGBA format by using "Copy" buttons.