Upload a photo before picking colors

What is Online Image Color Picker?

Image Color Picker is a free online tool for picking any color from an image. While you are moving your cursor over the image, a magnifier will zoom in the related area and help you to choose the exact pixel you want to pick from the image.

When you make a design or code a website, you may need color code of a specific part of an image to use it in another section to increase consistency between elements. If you don't want to open big desktop applications like Photoshop, Sketch or Figma just to pick a color from an image, online Image Color Picker will help you to pick the color with the fastest way. Result will be listed in Hex, RGBA & HSL color code format and you can copy any of them according to your needs.

Here you can see how Image Color Picker works on an image and how you can pick the desired color.

Image Color Picker Tool on Mona Lisa Painting
Image Color Picker Tool on Mona Lisa Painting

How to use Online Image Color Picker?

For picking up color on an image with an eyedropper, follow these steps one by one.

  1. Upload an image which you want to pick a color in it.
  2. When you move the mouse over the uploaded image, you will see an eyedropper and a magnifier. When you find the exact color on the image, click your mouse button, or touch the screen in your mobile device. It will show a color box which gives detailed information about the color codes.
  3. You can copy color codes and use on your projects directly.