Text to Handwriting Converter

Text to Handwriting Converter

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What is Online Text to Handwriting Converter?

Text to Handwriting Converter is a free online tool for converting texts into handwriting and downloading them as image or PDF for different handwriting font types, ink colors and papers. It looks like real handwriting on a real paper. If you need handwriting images or documents which looks real, you can use this tool.

You can choose any font, ink color and paper type from the list and get the handwritten output in JPEG and PDF format. All font families is suitable for creating handwritten texts while all has different characteristics. There are 3 ink types, black, blue and red where all has its light and dark versions.

A long list will be offered for paper type. Some are classical paper types like white paper, horizontal and square lined papers or straw paper while others have backgrond images as paper frames. They are categorized as gift, birthday, love letter and christmas papers. You can use this tool as gift letter generator, birthday letter generator, love letter generator or christmas letter generator according to your needs. These letters are in printable format for A4 size paper and can be printed out and used to surprize your friends. You can preview it online before downloading to see if you get the desired result.

Text to Handwriting Image Conversion
Text to Handwriting Image Conversion

Online Text to Handwriting Converter can be used for different purposes; to write a love letter to your girlfriend, boyfriend or partner, for birthday celebration, gifting and christmas celebration, to do your college writing assignments or your homeworks which requires handwritten documents, write literature text or take notes, make shopping list etc.

How to use Online Text to Handwriting Converter?

You can convert your texts into handwriting by following these steps.

  1. Enter the text you want to convert in the text field. Be careful, you can create one page for each generation, so if you have overflow text, it will be hidden. If you need more than one page, split your text into pieces and generate images or PDFs one by one.
  2. Choose font family, ink color and paper type from the list.
  3. Download handwritten text as a JPEG image or PDF.