What is Online Multiple Whitespace Remover?

Multiple Whitespace Remover is a free online tool for removing all unwanted multiple whitespaces and line breaks from a text. If you have a long text which includes many double or multiple whitespaces, unwanted multiple line breaks and untrimmed lines, this tool will make your life easier for you.

Sometimes, people need to edit long texts before they publish them. If these texts have unnecessary spaces and line breaks, it may be painful to remove them manually. Online Multiple Whitespace Remover will remove all unnecessary characters for you by substituting multiple whitespaces and line breaks with single one.

Before & After of a Cleared Text from Multiple Whitespaces
Before & After of a Cleared Text from Multiple Whitespaces

If you have huge gaps between words and paragraphs which shows your text weird and make it hard to read, you need to check all words one by one and remove all unwanted characters manually. Or you can use this tool to remove multiple spaces from a string or a text automatically.

How to use Online Multiple Whitespace Remover?

You can clear multiple unwanted spaces and line breaks and merge them as a single character by following these steps.

  1. First, paste your string or text in the text area you want to process.
  2. Click "Remove Multiple Spaces" button.
  3. "Copy" button will help you to copy the cleared text into your clipboard.