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What is Online List Randomizer?

List Randomizer is a free online tool for randomizing lists and making lotteries or drawing campaigns by making desired number of selection randomly from a given list. If you want to make a lottery between your friends or draw a campaign or randomize the order of elements in a given list, List Randomizer will do it for you just in seconds.

You can generate randomly ordered lists by using a predefined list which may be formatted differently. This tools support lists which has one element per line or elements separated with comma, semicolon, or space. For each format, you will see stats for total number of elements detected, number of unique and duplicate elements. You can get rid of duplicate data by checking "Remove Duplicates" checkbox.

Original List vs List After Randomization
Original List vs List After Randomization

As you see in the image, if you are 5 people and you want to select 3 people within this group randomly, it is easy to select lucky (or unlucky) ones immediately. You don't need to select people who draw the short straw as online List Randomizer is way faster and chances are exactly equal.

How to use Online List Randomizer?

For making lotteries, campaign drawings or just to make list shuffling, here are the basic steps you need to follow.

  1. Enter you list to the text area. It must be formatted as one list element per line, separated by commas, semicolons or spaces.
  2. After entering your data as a list, you must choose the format of your data from the list. It is important to choose the right one since it is used for splitting your list into list elements. All counts will be shown under the list for you to preview if everything is okay.
  3. Use the checkbox "Remove Duplicates" to set whether you want to remove or keep them.
  4. If you want to select limited number of elements from the list, you can set it from the list labeled as "Number of Selections". When the results are shown, selected ones will be shown with green color while others will be shown with red.
  5. When you are ready, you can click the button "Randomize" for making your random selection. After the selection, you can copy the results as a list to your clipboard.