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      What is Online Barcode Generator?

      Barcode Generator is a free online tool for generating barcodes in different forms and formats. Barcodes are images used to represent data in machine-readable format. There are used in many different areas to easily track "something" such as market products, cargo packages, patients in hospitals, books, pharmaceuticals etc. Optical readers -more specifically barcode readers- are used to scan this data from images or stickers. Main method for identifying the data is calculate the varying spacing and width of parallel lines. These types of barcodes are also named as linear barcodes.

      A sample barcode (EAN-13)
      A sample barcode (EAN-13)

      There are many different barcode formats. Most widely used formats are EAN-8, EAN-13, and UPC. They are used on many retail products. You can generate barcodes in Code 128, EAN / UPC, Code 39, ITF-14, MSI, Pharmacode and Codabar formats by using Barcode Generator. Here are short definitions of these barcode formats.

      • Code 128: It is a linear barcode both used for symbolizing numeric-only or alphanumeric barcodes. 128 stands for the 128 characters defined in ASCII standards. You can use both numbers and letters in this format. It's commonly used in packaging and shipping for product transportation. For detailed information about Code 128 barcode format, check Code 128 Wiki.
      • EAN / UPC: EAN and UPS stands for European Article Number (or International Article Number) and Universal Product Code, respectively. They are used to identify retail products worldwide. UPC is a 12-digit number while EAN differs in length for different EAN formats like EAN-13, EAN-8 etc. But both formats are numeric-only. For detailed information about EAN and UPS barcode formats, check EAN Wiki and UPS Wiki.
      • Code 39: It is a variable length barcode format which you are allowed to enter 43 different characters including letters (A-Z), numbers and some special characters. For detailed information about Code 39 barcode format, check Code 39 Wiki.
      • ITF-14: It is a numeric-only barcode format which has a static length of 14. For detailed information about ITF-14 barcode format, check ITF-14 Wiki.
      • MSI: It is a barcode symbology created by MSI Data Corporation which is also known as Modified Plessey. It is numeric-only and has an optional "check digit" calculation such as Mode 10, Mod 11, Mod 1010 and Mod 1110. Most common one is Mod 10. For detailed information about MSI barcode format, check MSI Wiki.
      • Codabar: It is a barcode format mostly used in libraries. For detailed information about Codabar barcode format, check Codabar Wiki.
      • Pharmacode: Pharmaceutical Binary Code or Pharmacode is used in pharmaceutical industry. It is a numeric-only format which can be between the range 3 to 131070. For detailed information about Pharmacode barcode format, check Pharmacode Wiki.

      How to use Online Barcode Generator?

      You can create your barcode by following these steps.

      1. First, enter the barcode value. Be careful some characters are not allowed in specific barcode formats. You will get a message after submitting your request if this happens.
      2. Select a barcode format according to your needs. Available options are: Code 128, EAN-13, UPC, EAN-8, EAN-5, EAN-2, Code 39, ITF-14, MSI, MSI (Mode 10), MSI (Mode 11), MSI (Mode 1010), MSI (Mode 1110), Pharmacode and Codabar.
      3. Set your barcode height if needed. Default height is 100px.
      4. You can show or hide value of the barcode by using the "Display Value" checkbox if needed.
      5. You can use the button "Generate" is you enter all required fields to create your barcode as an image for free. You will get a warning if the value you entered is invalid for the selected barcode format.
      6. You can download your barcode as an image by using "Download Barcode" button.