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By using Instagram Post Generator by 10015.io, you agree to our Usage Policy.
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What is Online Instagram Post Generator?

Instagram Post Generator is a free online tool for generating Instagram posts for having fun with people around you by making think them as if the post is real. Instagram can be listed as one of the biggest social media networks working on photo and video sharing. People are following lots of accounts where some are official celebrity/influencer accounts, and some are their friends. Some people also like to share these posts as a screenshot. This tool can be defined as fake Instagram post maker or fake Instagram post creator which can be used for fun purposes only.

If you want to have fun with your friends by sending them real-looking fake Instagram posts to making jokes to them, Instagram Post Generator is the best alternative for you. But you have to keep in mind that Fake Instagram generator has a usage policy and you have to follow the rules if you want to use it.

There are lots of different options are available in Instagram posts. Most of the major ones are included in the tool, but some fewer common ones are not added yet.

Instagram images may have different aspect ratios, but to keep things simple, 1:1 ratio is used as default on the media.

A generated Instagram post for joking your network about aliens
A generated Instagram post for joking your network about aliens

You can see an image above which is created by the Instagram post maker. You can send these types of screenshots to you friends or colleagues and make jokes to them by sharing it.

How to use Online Instagram Post Generator?

You can generate Instagram post images by following these steps.

  1. First, upload the media files like avatar and post image that will be used in post. Avatar is optional, but post image is required since Instagram is a media platform.
  2. Enter informative fields like username, postdate, post text etc. Also, you can set post comments and statistics that represent like and comment count.
  3. After all the fields are filled with relevant information and you are satisfied with the result, "Download Instagram Post" button can be used to download it as a JPEG image.

Usage Policy

10015.io is not responsible for the generated images by users. By using Instagram Post Generator by 10015.io, you agree to use our tool lawfully and ethically, and in accordance with these rules:

  1. You do not use generated Instagram post images to create content that has ill intent including but not limited to harass, attack, incite violence, slander, threaten, disparage, intimidate, or otherwise hurt other people or entities.
  2. You do not use generated Instagram post images to spread false information that will affect human life in a negative way.
  3. You do not present created Instagram posts as fact. As described, main intent is having good time by making fun of people, not just misleading them.
  4. You make it obvious to any viewers that Instagram posts that are generated by Instagram post maker are not original/genuine.